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The Mec is open to everyone.

There is a permanent collection of pictures of Argentina.
Every year two or three traveling exhibitions are presented and the
library full of photography books is always open.

People who have given courses, presentations and seminars there:


Guadalupe Miles
Sebastián Szyd
Alejandra Marin
Facundo Toconás
Luis Calizaya
Julieta Escardó


These activities are announced in Facebook: Mec, museo en los cerros.
The annual course and the topic are announced in August.





The winners



First award:
Héctor Possetto
Amateur award:
Pacha Romero
Obrera Rojas
Ignacio Sanchez Moreau


First award:
Jeremías Gonzalez
Luján Augusti
Amateur award:  
Cintia Paco
Esperanza Merelo


First award:
Matías Teruel
Amateur award:
Valentina Becker
Under award:
Alba Muñiz




First award:
Chiara Scardozzi
Amateur award:
Paola Aguilera
Under award:
Nina Torres


First award:
Luis Guzman
Amateur award:
Elena Santamarina
Under award:
Eli Portela


First award:
Gianni Bulacio
Amateur award:
Elvira Ferrazini