Argentine photography

Quebrada de Huichaira
Provincia de Jujuy

Almost everything retains light; our desire is to share this through the language of photography.

The pieces in the collection have been donated by their authors or direct relatives in support of this idea. We greatly appreciate their goodwill and gesture.

We feel it is important that a permanent exhibition of Argentine photography exist in the northern part of our country, inland, where we have all received our inspiration.

The idea of establishing an interactive, educational museum with a library is rooted in an observation of reality, of the countless times we have gone to the Tilcara cyber cafés and seen children alone, spending the day among the computers, playing on the internet, or for some with more artistic interests, looking at photographs.

Some time ago, a photography museum, amidst the mountains, among the aborigine peoples, would have seemed crazy. Maybe it still is today, but something has changed; now we all have a camera at hand and our illusion intact.

We seek inspiration in the simplicity of mother earth, in the respect for silence, and in the celebration of the communities when they dance.

We offer a space made of stone, adobe and cane where all comers are welcome; a door half-open among the mountains.